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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Afternoon Tea American Style

Afternoon tea American style has its roots in the past and is growing more popular in many places throughout the United States. New tea rooms are opening and offering afternoon tea and tea parties to customers every day. Tea parties are becoming popular for special occasions like bridal showers, birthday parties and baby showers. Along with tea rooms the planning of tea parties has become a cottage industry in itself.

Planning a tea party can be quite elaborate for formal occasions or more casual for everyday meetings and gatherings. For the more formal occasions you may hire a party planner to take care of all the tea party ideas. Or, you could order and send the invitations yourself and hold the tea party at a tea house or hire a caterer to take care of the decorations, table settings and refreshments.

For casual afternoon teas or tea parties like a weekly gathering of friends or a business meeting, the invitations may be sent by email or by calling everyone and letting them know when and where it will be held. Decorations may be as simple as a small candle or vase of flowers on the table. As far as what to serve at a tea party, you might consider homemade or store bought sandwiches, cookies or cakes.

There are many teas to choose from as well when planning an afternoon tea or tea party. Some of the more popular types of teas in the United States include green, black, white, earl grey, chamomile, oolong, mandarin orange, mint, mixed berry and other herbal teas. It's a good idea to have a variety of teas for your guests to select from.

Don't forget to use tea sets at your event! These should include tea cups and saucers, sugar bowls, cream pitchers, dessert plates and of course a great teapot or two. These pieces can be matching or you can use mismatched pieces to create an eclectic setting.

Afternoon tea in the America is a growing industry that has expanded the number of tea houses in the United States as well as created cottage industries like specialty party planners to organize the afternoon teas and tea parties. For your next gathering you might consider having a tea party or afternoon tea to make it a special event your guests will remember.

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