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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Welcome Teapot Lovers!

Hello and welcome to the teapot lovers blog. A place where you are welcome to share your favorite teapot photos and peruse my small collection. Although I have had most of my teapots for several years, my sister recently gave me a small teapot from China that I love. Actually, brought several teapots and had each one wrapped in Chinese newspaper. We each chose one and it was fun unwrapping them and watching to see what beautiful creations they each were.

Something inside me stirred and I am now on a quest to learn how to make one myself. Never mind that I have never done anything with pottery, I only know that I will be creating my own teapot one day but that's another blog,

For now, I will soon be adding pictures of my current teapots and may be able to convince my other family members to add theirs as well. Please feel free to tell your teapot loving story in the comments below.

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